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Well at Work

Drs. Nick and Tara Centra are health and wellness experts, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of local families. They deliver 15-20 minute TED-style talks in companies and organizations throughout the Janesville community. These wellness talks in the workplace are designed to empower and educate employees on how to gauge, manage, and improve their health from the inside out while increasing productivity and profitability, benefiting both the employee and employer.

Benefits of Well at Work Include:

  • Fewer employee sick days
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Lower stress
  • Positive outlook
  • Decreased medical costs = increased profitability
  • Help avoid workers’ compensation cases

Schedule a Well at Work, Lunch and Learn event for your company and uncover the keys to achieving health naturally, having more energy, increasing longevity, and achieving unprecedented performance levels. Drs. Nick and Tara will customize your event to target the specific needs of your company and employees. In addition, Well at Work events will be catered by Centra Family Chiropractic at no charge to your company!

For more information or to schedule your Well at Work event please contact:

CarrieAnne Stark
Events and Outreach Coordinator
Centra Family Chiropractic | (608) 352-7476



Well at Work Janesville | (608) 352-7476