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How often is NORMAL?

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Many children suffer from constipation

It is crazy how many children have infrequent and inconsistent bowel movements. So many parents are told that 2-3 days between poops is “normal” with infants and children. Although this may be common, it definitely is not NORMAL. Infants and children alike should be going to the bathroom daily, if not multiple times per day.

Is it a big deal?

YES! As adults if we were to go multiple days without going to the bathroom it would not be a good thing. We would feel bloated, sluggish, cranky and uncomfortable. This is no different for infants and children. Pooping is our bodies way of removing waste, toxins, and material that our body doesn’t need. Think of it this way: if the garbage truck started coming to your house only once a month instead of weekly, what would happen to your trash can? It would keep building up until your garbage can was overflowing with waste. If this process continued for enough time, you can imagine the problems it would lead to. When we consistently don’t perform this process, it allows for toxins and “junk” to build up within our system and can lead to other issues.

What causes constipation?

The most overlooked CAUSE is nerve interference to the parts of the nervous system that control the lower digestive tract. The nerves that control the bowels are located in the mid to lower back, as well as the sacrum. Anyone who has kids knows that from the time kids start learning how to walk, they are falling on their bums quite often. As they get older, they enter the climbing and exploration phase, which almost always comes with falls, bumps and bruises. These seemingly harmless accidents are more than enough trauma to cause stress on the spine and irritation to the nerves that control digestion. If this interference occurs, it can prevent the body from properly digesting, absorbing, and eliminating waste from the bowels regardless of diet and other environmental factors.

What we do about it?


Our Insight Scanning Technology shows exactly where there is any irritation on the nervous system that could be contributing to your child’s bowel dysfunction.

Chiropractic Care: Finding out whether or not there is nerve irritation preventing proper digestion is only found through a thorough examination at a pediatric chiropractic office. We have technology in our office that shows exactly where there may be any irritation on the nervous system that could be contributing to constipation. Gentle and specific chiropractic care removes the stress on the nervous system that can then allow the bowels to properly absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. If your child is struggling with irregular bowel movements, please give us a call and we can evaluate their spine and get them POOPING!

We’d love to discuss your child’s specific issues and how chiropractic may help. Give our practice a call today. We can’t wait to meet you!



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